15.5 Office 365 Introduction and General Student Support Links

Learning Objectives

  1. Describe use of Office 365 in support of student learning.


This page contains relevant links and videos to students and FCC IT services. Perhaps the biggest question students have is how to I login to FCC systems?   The college uses a single user ID across all systems, which is defined here:

“FCC’s students log into PeopleSoft, myFCC, and Blackboard with a single user ID and password. Changing or resetting the password on any of these systems will automatically synchronize it for all of them.”

Source:  https://www.frederick.edu/student-resources/it-services/peoplesoft.aspx

Other support links are listed here, and these can assist students in getting to know FCC systems.

Support Videos

The videos linked here were produced by Frederick Community College Faculty in the summer of 2016. This set of videos is all about Office 365, software that the college provides for free for students to use.

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