15.7 FCC Policies Related to Students

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify policies that support student learning.

This page contains relevant links to FCC policies related to students.

  • Academic Standards – This policy details the over-arching structure, with information on grading and academic clemency.
  • Code of Student Conduct – This link contains all information related to student code of conduct, and includes sections on academic dishonestly and processes for instructors to follow should they discover such circumstances.
  • Inclement Weather/College Closing Policy and Procedures – This policy lists the circumstances by which the college will close during inclement weather.
  • Student Withdrawal – This policy details the circumstances related to students withdrawing from courses at Frederick Community College.
  • Complaint policy for students – This policy details the two types of complaints available to students:  Non-Grade Complaints, and Final Course Grade Complaints.

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